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Volume 32 | Issue 1/2 | January/February 2006

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Volume 33 | Issue 5/6 | May/June 2007 | “The Role of Legislation in Changing Policy and Practice"

Inside of this issue of Connections you will find articles on preservice training in PBS practices, family involvement and PBS as well as positive behavior supports in the Urban Core. Other articles featured cover reflections on PBS for young children as well as the importance of belonging, and why support is also necessary for people who provide PBS.


  • Jacki L. Anderson, Preservice Training in Positive Behavior Support Practices.
  • Bobbie J. Vaughn Creating a Model of Family Involvement and Positive Behavior Support: One Middle School's Experience.
  • Shari Krishnan and Sandra L. Laham, Turning Dreams Into Reality.
  • Steven Vitto, My Journey: Supporting Positive Practices and PBS.
  • Wayne Sailor and Blair Roger, PBS in the Urban Core.
  • Pat Amos, Who's In Control? One Family's Story.
  • Frances Paris, Jason Novetsky, Nancy Garon, Donna Lackie, Sustaining the 4 R's and 3 S's: Coaches' Reflections on Positive Behavior Support for Young Children.
  • Julie Welkowitz and Ruth Hamilton, University of Vermont's Graduate Concentration in Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities. 
  • Tim Knoster and Nancy Weiss, Promoting Positive Approaches Through the TASH Positive Approaches Committee. 
  • Margaret Moore, Rachel Freeman, Don Jackson, Creating a Statewide Dialogue to Increase Continuity and Access to Positive Behavior Support: The Statewide Action Planning Process.
  • David W. Guare, The First Question.
  • Linda Bambara and Sharon Lohrmann, Supporting the People Who Provide Positive Behavior Support. 
  • David Pitonyak, The Importance of Belonging.
  • Rud Turnbull, The Legacy of Our Journey.
  • Jennifer McFarland-Whisman, The Evolution of an Agency. 
  • Dan Davidson, Putting Positive Behavior Support into Practice.