Ralph Edwards Diversity and Social Impact Award - Nomination Form
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The Ralph Edwards Diversity and Social Impact Award is given to an individual who, like its namesake, has a keen eye for what isn’t working and an urgency to see what is possible and to make it happen. Ralph Edwards has spent his life taking on things that just were not right. Whether it was advocating and fighting for his son, Jonathan, to be fully included or working at the grassroots levels to support political candidates who would make a difference, Ralph was involved.  Ralph is also a skilled community organizer.  He has the amazing ability to identify what and who are missing to make something right and then work with people to find the people and resources to make it right. Ralph showed up, even in the midst of personal struggles, he never dropped the ball.  With his deep respect for people, Ralph is also an amazing mentor and role model, leading by example and bringing people along with him. This award was established in 2018 to honor the life work of Ralph Edwards and his commitment to promoting and living TASH's values of equity, opportunity and inclusion.

Please review the entire nomination form below before you start filling it out. We recommend gathering the content offline prior to submitting it as incomplete forms cannot be saved. Self-nominations are accepted. If you would like to self-nominate, please fill out both "Nominator" and "Nominee" with the same information. TASH only accepts complete nomination forms. No exceptions. If you have questions about your submission, please contact Ruthie-Marie Beckwith at info@tash.org. The deadline for award submissions is Monday, August 3, 2020.
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Please upload a curriculum vitae outlining the nominees history of: a) higher education (including major, minor, degree, anticipated date of completion); b) employment (including dates, duties, name of supervisor); c) research and publications.
Using 500-1000 words, please describe the nominee’s efforts to advocate and promote inclusion throughout their life. Explain why the chosen individual represents the ideals exemplified by Ralph's leadership and commitment to diversity.
Please attach up to two (2) letters that support the nomination. These letters should be from individuals with experience in diversity and social impact who are familiar with the nominee’s work and contributions.
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