Marc Gold Employment Award

This award honors the contribution of Marc Gold, both to the disability field and to TASH. Marc was a founding board member of TASH and continued his affiliation until his death in 1982. His research and advocacy provided the rationale for supported employment by establishing that persons with significant disabilities could learn complex tasks. He formed Marc Gold & Associates in 1976 to promote the concepts of competence and contribution by all persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities through a series of nationally relevant projects that focused on staff development and employment. His company continues today. This award is presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to increasing access to community, integrated employment for persons with significant disabilities. The focus of the award may be related either to a lifelong body of work or to work performed within a current year. Recipients may include employment professionals, researchers, state agency personnel, professors, legislators, family members or employers.

Rules and Conditions

TASH will only accept complete forms. Please review the entire application form before you start filling it out. Incomplete forms cannot be saved. We recommend having your content completed offline prior to submitting it. If you have any additional information needed for submission, please contact Ruthie-Marie Beckwith at (202) 467-5730 x 1316 or at Self nominations are accepted. If you would like to self nominate, please fill out both "Nominator" and "Nominee" with the same nominee information. 

Please fill out the following three steps in order to complete your nomination.
Please upload a curriculum vitae outlining the nominees history of: a) higher education (including major, minor, degree, anticipated date of completion); b) employment (including dates, duties, name of supervisor); c) research and publications.
Using 500-1000 words, please submit an essay which describes importance of the nominees work on behalf of employment of individuals with significant disabilities, including how Marc Gold’s work influenced the nominee’s contributions.
Please attach up to three (3) letters that support the nomination. These letters should be from individuals with experience in employment services who are familiar with the nominee’s work and contributions.
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