Larry J. Brumond Supportive Relationship Award - Nomination Form

The Larry J. Brumond Supportive Relationship Award was first presented to its namesake, Larry J. Brumond and Thomas Ryan in 2007. Larry and Thomas knew each other for 21 years, 17 of which Larry was the primary support person in Thomas’s life. This award program was initiative by Total Living Concept (TLC), a Washington agency supporting people with disabilities to live in homes of their choosing with whom they want, where they want and for as long as they want. This award, annually, honors two individuals who have maintained a mutually supportive relationship for at least five years in which the dreams and aspirations of the support recipient are supported in that person’s chosen home and community. The net result when such a relationship is formed is the fulfillment of two lives: in learning and teaching each other; in discovering better who they each are; and in understanding more deeply how critical relationships are to a satisfying and valued life. TLC will present each award recipients with a $500 check at the TASH Annual Conference. To nominate two individuals who meet this criteria, please complete the form below.

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