Arizona TASH

Arizona TASH and TASH @ NAU comprise the TASH chapter supporting equity, opportunity and inclusion throughout Arizona. Our mission is to promote social justice for persons with significant disabilities through advocacy and shared resources and information. Arizona TASH relates the mission and vision of TASH to the issues and needs that impact residents of Arizona

Arizona TASH sponsors Arizona Wins with Inclusive Schools, a special project maintained by a group of parents and educators with the goal of providing high quality training and support to school personnel, family member and community service providers. The goal of AzWINS is to establish inclusive practices throughout all of Arizona’s schools. We believe that all children, regardless of the severity of their disability, deserve to be educated with their peer who do not have disabilities. We also believe that inclusive education benefits all students.

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Chapter Leadership

Cheryl Brown, President
Stephanie MacFarland, Vice-President
Andrea O'Brien
Erin Vachon-Vierra
Jody Marie Pirtle
Laura Nagle
Lon Licht
Michael Remus
Nancy Licht
Sherry Mulholland
Susan Marks
Alex Washburn
KarenAnn Mancha

Contact Arizona TASH

Cheryl Brown
Scottsdale, Ariz.
(480) 419-0601