Alice H. Hayden Emerging Leader Award - Nomination Form

The Alice H. Hayden Emerging Leader Award, established in 1978 and the first of its kind, is in honor of the leadership and inspiration of one of the founding members of TASH. Dr. Hayden was the Founder and Director of the Model Pre-School Center for Handicapped Children, of the University of Washington Child Development and Mental Retardation, Center Experimental Education Unit. She received international recognition for establishing an early intervention project for infants with Down syndrome. Her curriculum and intervention procedures were replicated in many states, Canada, and Italy, and disproved prevailing views about the hopelessness of this disability. This award is presented to a doctoral student enrolled in a program in education or a related field, and who demonstrates potential for leadership in teaching, scholarship, and service on behalf of people with significant disabilities. The individual needs to have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to working in partnership with people with disabilities. To nominate an individual for this award, please complete the form below.

Please review the entire nomination form below before you start filling it out. We recommend gathering the content offline prior to submitting it as incomplete forms cannot be saved. Self-nominations are accepted. If you would like to self-nominate, please fill out both "Nominator" and "Nominee" with the same information. TASH only accepts complete nomination forms. No exceptions. If you have questions about your submission, please contact Ruthie-Marie Beckwith at The deadline for award submissions is Monday, August 3, 2020.
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Please up a current CV that speaks to your (a) successful participation in a terminal degree program (e.g., Ph.D.; Ed.D.; J. D.) including major, minor, degree, and anticipated date of completion; (b) employment in related areas, including dates, duties, name of supervisor; and (c) research and publications.
Using 500-1000 words, please submit essay that describes the applicant’s current work on behalf of individuals with severe disabilities, and the applicant’s educational and professional objectives.
Attach up to two (2) letters that support the applicant’s nomination. These letters should be from professors who are familiar with your qualifications. The letters should present specific data or anecdotal information that convey an accurate picture of your current achievements and potential for significant contributions to the field. Letters of recommendation can also be sent directly to Bethany Alvaré at
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