2016 TASH Regional Conference Presenter Information
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Please Submit this information no later than Monday, November 23, 2015

Thank you for committing your time and expertise to presenting at one the 2016 TASH Regional Conferences.
Please complete the information below. This will help us promote your training session. 
For questions or concerns, contact Edwin Canizalez at ecanizalez@tash.org or call  

Please help us complete the application by providing learning objectives.

Learning objectives answer the question “What should participants do as a result of the presentation?” instead of “What is the presenter going to teach during the session?”
Articulating Effective learning objectives:
1. Learner-centered (describe what the participant will be able to do as a result as a result of the presentation).
2. Describe observable behavior.
3. Uses active verbs that are readily measurable:
Define, Organize, Discuss, Critique, Explain, Summarize, Produce, Design, Distinguish, Draft, Respond

4. Avoids vague or general verbs like “know,” “ appreciate,” and “understand”. These goals cannot be measured through observation.

5. General goals or presenter-centered goals are not effective goals. Example:

a. Too general: “The goal of this session is to improve understanding equal access rights.”
b. Presenter-based: “This session will explain the key provisions of the American with Disabilities Act.”

Writing Effective Learning Objectives
1. Begin the statement of objectives with:
a. “After this session, participants will be able to…”
b. “As a result of this session you will be able to…”

2. Select an action verb that describes what the participants will be able to do- define, discuss, produce, designed, organize.
3. Complete the objective with the appropriate content. Examples:
a. At the end of these presentations, participants will be able to summarize the American with disabilities Act.
b. As a result of this presentation, participants will be able to list the Amendments to the Constitution related to equal access in the courts.