Chapter Leaders – Frequently Asked Questions
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FAQ Table of Contents

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Your chapter's change agenda

How can our chapter make change in our state?

Using your chapter's group on

How do I access my account on
What do I do if I don't know my login or password?
How can we get a member roster for our chapter?
How can we put events on our group calendar?

Managing your 501(c)(3)

What are our annual reporting requirements as a 501(c)(3)?

Frequently Asked Questions — Answers

How do I access my account on

To access your account on the TASH website, you must be an active member. Lapsed members will still have accounts, but will be directed to renew their membership upon login, before they can proceed to any member resources. Use the following steps to login to your member account.

    Click on the image for a larger version.

  1. On the main page of, click on the "Log-in" button indicated in the image at (1).

  2. Click on the image for a larger version.

  3. On the login page there are two pairs of Username and Password boxes, one in the main content area; the other in the right rail. Either one will work. Chose one.

  4. Type your username and password into the form fields and click on either of the Sign In buttons.

  5. If you entered your account credentials correctly, you will be redirected to your member profile landing page. If you did not enter them correctly, you will be prompted an additional time to enter your username and password. If you try multiple times and still can not login, use the "I forgot my password" reset process in the following question.

What do I do if I don't know my login or password?

On the login page there is an option to have TASH's membership website send a link to your e-mail box that you can use to reset your password and display your username. If you don't know either your username or your password, take the following steps:

    Click on the image for a larger version.

  1. On the login page, in both the main content area and the right sidebar, beneath the Username and Password boxes and Sign In button is an option titled "Click Here to Reset Your Password", indicated by the red arrow in the above screen shot.

  2. Click on the image for a larger version.

  3. On the "Forgot your Username or Password?" page, enter the e-mail associated with your account at (1), solve the math problem validation code at (2) (a CAPTCHA to make sure you are not a bot), then click the "Reset Password" button at (3).

  4. The TASH member website will send you an e-mail with a link to reset your password. It may take a few minutes for the e-mail to arrive. If you haven't received in after a few minutes, check your e-mail's junk mail folder.

  5. Click on the image for a larger version.

  6. When you click on the "reset my password" link in the e-mail, you will be taken to the "Resetting Your Password" page shown above. Type a new password and confirm it by typing it a second time at (1). Click the "Reset Password" button at (2).

  7. Click on the image for a larger version.

  8. If the new password you typed twice matches, your password will be reset and you will receive the successful reset notice at (1). Upon successful reset of your password, you will be notified your username at (2). You can now return to the main login page by clicking the link at (3).

If your account has an old e-mail address that no longer works, you will need contact TASH to update your e-mail at either telephone number (202) 540-9020 or by e-mail at

How can we get a member roster for our chapter?

There are two ways to get up to date lists of current and lapsed members of your chapter. You have access to reports from your chapter group menu, or you can request a specialized list from the TASH office.

To request a specialized list, contact Donald Taylor at 202-888-2419 or by e-mail at

To use one of the existing reports available from your chapter group menu, follow these instructions. You can either read the written instructions below (including annotated screen shots) or you can watch this short video (will launch in a new Adobe Connect window) on how to do it:

  1. Log in to your TASH account (see the Accessing your account or the Forgot your password question and answers above if you do not know how to do this).

  2. Click on the image for a larger version.

  3. In the right rail "My Profile" box, click on the top menu option, "Profile Home", indicated by the arrow labeled (1) in the illustration.

  4. On the "Profile Home" page, in the left rail is a box labeled "Groups", indicated in the illustration by the arrow labeled (2). From this box, select your Chapter group.

    If you do not see your Chapter group listed here, it is because you are not currently a member. Select the "Groups" option from the menu to the right and join your Chapter.

  5. Click on the image for a larger version.

  6. Once you are on the Chapter group page, if you are an administrator of your Chapter group, there will be a "Group Admin Options" link right below the page title, indicated by arrow (1) in the image above.

  7. Clicking the "Group Admin Options" link will give you the menu shown in the image. Select the last option in the right column, "Available Reports", indicated by the arrow labeled (2).

  8. On the "Available Reports" page, every Chapter will have at least two reports: "Current Members" and "Lapsed Members".

  9. Click the "View Report" link next to the report you would like.

  10. Click on the image for a larger version.

  11. The report may take a minute to run. When complete, the results will display in a small pane like the image above. You have two options to interact with the results, described in the next two steps.

  12. At the arrow labeled (1), you can use the right-and-left and up-and-down scroll bars to move through the data that shows in the pane. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the data, the page number links will enter the pane and you can advance through the pages of data.

  13. If you want the data available outside the web browser, you can use the options indicated by arrow (2) to either print the report, or export the report to a CSV, which is a format you can open in Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software.

Disclaimer: TASH membership lists are confidential and the sole property of TASH. As a TASH member in a leadership role, it is your responsibility to see to it that TASH membership lists are used only for the advancement of TASH's mission in support of the rights of people with disabilities, in your Chapter-related work, and for the benefit of our members or potential members. They are not to be used for personal or commercial purposes. They are not to be transferred to a third party for any purpose. They are not to be used in violation of applicable laws, whether federal, local or in the jurisdiction of recipients in foreign countries. If you have any questions whether a use of the membership list is consistent with these guidelines, please contact the TASH main office.

How can we put events on our group calendar?

How can our chapter make change in our state?

TASH leaders and members have recorded a four-part webinar series, Making Change Happen in Your State that you can watch on how to formulate your agenda, build relationships with legislators and agency leaders, arrange meetings and effectively communicate your message.

What are our annual reporting requirements as a 501(c)(3)?

As a 501(c)(3), money available to us on a tax-exempt basis is to be used exclusively in the public interest. In order to demonstrate to the IRS that we are appropriately using our funds, each chapter should keep records of their activities and expenditures and provide them to the TASH central office once a year around tax time.

The reports do not need to be elaborate. To make the reporting process easy, TASH has provided three reporting templates that you can use, as well as a sample annual action plan that you can follow. The three documents you should produce every year are the following:

  1. Chapter Annual Action Plan Overview — Instructions on top-level data to provide in your annual report, plus instructions on attachments to include.

  2. Chapter Annual Action Plan Form — A form you can use for annual strategic planning for your chapter, with a status / outcome column to the right for annual reporting.

  3. Chapter Annual Financial Report Form — A template you can use for reporting your past year's finances and plan your coming year budget.

  4. Sample Chapter Annual Action Plan — A sample of how to use the Chapter Annual Action Plan form to plan your upcoming year and report your year past.

These are only provided for your convenience. If you have your own system that works best for you, you do not need to copy your report into these templates. You can provide it to the office in the format that you use, provided it captures substantially the same information.

Every year as the reporting deadline approaches, the Chapter Leadership Committee will discuss the reporting process in detail during the monthly Chapter Leadership Committee teleconferences and other leaders will be available to assist you and answer any questions you may have.